ELAN is computer software, a professional tool to manually and semi-automatically annotate and transcribe audio or video recordings.It has a tier-based data model that supports multi-level, multi-participant annotation of time-based media. It is applied in humanities and social sciences research (language documentation, sign language and gesture research) for the purpose of documentation and of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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Download ELAN ELAN for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 ELAN Installer: ELAN 5.4 Windows* The Windows installer versions include a Java Runtime Environment. Test: version with Java 11 and JavaFX media player (read the notes) Test: ELAN 5.4 with JavaFX player Simple-ELAN Installer: Simple-ELAN 1.2 Windows ELAN for Mac OS X Zip: … Continue reading Download ELAN

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